The paintings explore my interest in the language of painting; how it may be de-constructed and processed in order to interrogate my own thinking and curiosities. I am interested in the idealised, post-modernist architecture that can be found in domestic settings or in a much larger urban context. These places offered a promising, beautiful and perfect future; a place for shelter, escape and happiness. The paintings attempt to explore what remains of this optimistic new world. (Paul Crook)



'Featuring anonymous yet familiar places and structures that might at first be considered as bland and mundane. Paul's work is concerned with drawing out small dramas and alluding to narrative through the manipulation of light, colour, surface and perspective. There is something uncanny, affecting and ultimately intangable residing within the work which seems to encourage a personal connection to a vaguely remembered experience or encounter. (Craig Ashley - Curator / Artist )



The play of colours is harmonious and balanced. There is a colouristic pleasure to the works that almost allows us to totally detach ourselves, to be utterly submersed in the beautiful. This is the language and delights of someone who has made and viewed  abstract works. Yet the empty and easy escape of some romantic abstract aesthetic is not open to us here. Just as we are about to be consumed in the colour we are reminded of content, it re-arrests us. (Tom de Freston - Artist / Art Historian)